About imagiland

IMAGILAND PRODUCTIONS is a Los Angeles-based creative production company dedicated to putting storytelling first. In an age of speed and instant gratification, Imagiland prides itself on working with artists to develop content that's not just sleek and flashy, but that also comes from a place of depth and meaning. 

Established in 2009, Imagiland has produced a wide variety of content, including music videos for artists Melinda Sullivan, Daniel Zaitchik, and Declan Bennet; dance videos for Chloe's Syncopated Ladies and YouTube mega-network DanceOn; sizzle reels for make-up giant FACE Stockholm; sketch comedy featured on Funny or Die; and promos for Cathrine Goldstein's novel "Sleeping With Mortals," among others. 

Since it's inception, Imagiland prides itself in collaborating with teams of professional, highly skilled technicians, artists, writers, producers and directors.